Are you ready to trade your snow shovel for your garden spade? If you are longing for spring, there is one way to get a little taste of it now... come on in and visit us. Our store will be opening for the season on Monday, March 11th and we can't wait to see everyone and catch up on what your garden plans are this year!

We'vw been busy cleaning, restocking and sprucing up everything. Our spring orders have been checked and double-checked to make sure they contain a great selection all the excellent plants you've come to expect from us - and then some!

We are also looking for new staff for the spring season - check our facebook page for details on that and so many other day-to-day updates. Did you know we are now also on Instagram? Follow us there too and let your friends know!

See you all soon!



Store Hours

Monday to Saturday
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Store hours change frequently in spring as the days get longer... check facebook or
call 905-623-2300 if you are not sure!