Christmas truly is a special time of year, it brings out the good in all of us! It also gives us a reason to bring light and colour into our homes to brighten up a dark winter day. After all, what's brighter than a scarlet red poinsettia? And boy do we have those... and white... and pink... and burgundy...and more!

In fact our wholesale division grows over 150,000 poinsettias over the course of the season and it is a sight to see - acres and acres of them. If you want a peek, the only time you get to do that is at our annual Christmas Open House, on Saturday, Nov. 17th. You can take a guided tour and learn how these gorgeous plants and others are grown en masse, or you can just take a stroll through on your own. We will also have many other special treats planned for you that day including refreshments, the jolly man in red, special deals & more. Join us and help us kick off the Christmas season in style!

We will be open until Sat. Dec. 22nd so you can shop not only our poinsettias, but also Christmas decor, gifts for gardeners, home decor and evergreen branches for outdoor arrangements.

Have a wonderful time of year everyone!

Store Hours

Monday to Saturday
9 am to 5 pm

Open until Sat., December 22nd.