Well that was a very strange early spring, weather-wise! Ice storms & wind storms and cooler temperatures have made for interesting times here and in all of our gardens. But we have all survived, we took minimal damage to the perennial house that does not hinder shopping, and are now loaded up with shrubs, roses, evergreens and the perennials are rolling in almost daily! The annuals, vegetables and herbs are looking spectacular as always and we get fresh stock every day from our growing division.

This is the best time for gardeners: the season is just beginning and it's like having a blank canvas to paint on! Things are starting to grow and leaf out and we can start adding new things too! Here at the store, we can offer lots of advice to both new gardeners and experienced ones on what to plant and how to care for it. We truly want your gardens to be successful and for you to love your outside spaces!

In addition to our awesome plant selection, we have gorgeous decor items for your garden and home. Check out our new selection of pottery containers, our solar light section, our new garden flag rack, our selection of kinetic garden decor that move in the wind, our terrarium kits and so much more!

Come on in today and get your garden growing!

June Hours

Monday to Friday
8 am to 7 pm

Saturday 8 am to 6 pm