Well the spring planting frenzy is over and summer is finally here. Time to kick back and enjoy being in your garden. Have a barbecue or a garden party, hang out with your family, or sit and enjoy on your own; whatever you do don't forget to take the time to appreciate the hard work you've already done!

And just because the spring planting is all done, that doesn't mean you have to stop working in your gardens. Except for the hottest parts of July, you can continue planting all season long. We have lots of new perennials arriving each week, plus flowering shrubs, seasonal annuals, etc. If a plant fails, if you notice a spot that needs a little something extra, or if you just like to keep changing things up, come on in and see what's in store.

We also continue to carry all the plant care supplies, supports, water garden supplies, soils & mulches, pots, and decor items that we stock year round. In late July our famous chrysanthemums will arrive to help put some colour into your garden for the late summer and fall.

Friendly service and helpful advice are always free at Rekker's. Our associates can help you pick out the right plants and products for your needs. We want your garden to be successful and for you to love being in it! Enjoy the summer everyone!

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